Hello, We are iMPERFECT.
iMPERFECT, The reason we exist is to help the people's happiness at the present moment.
Our first platform, FONDoF, is Social Media for the Collectors
around the world who collect toys.
We are setting up the system to connect people through the one item.
So, when you search the one item, you are able to get all the information you want.

< When you search the one item >
- You can communicate with the other users who are the same as your interest as focused on the item.
- You can check the item and related contents what you find.
- You can purchase the item in App. & website.

“ FONDoF is the ‘All-in-one / Vertical Platform’ for the collectors. “
< The Key features of FONDoF ; Collection - Communication - Commerce >

1. Collection
: As collector, keeping track of all the great items in your collection can become daunting. We provide an intuitive and functional way of managing your collection online, wherever you are.

2. Communication
: For example, once your register your Simpson Lego, you can connect, share and talk to everyone in the world who owns Simpson Lego. For others looking to add the Simpson Lego to their collection, the information you communicate and exchange would be invaluable. Our service lets you focus on what is most important to you: completing your collection. Count on us to take care of the rest!!

3. Commerce
: When you want to purchase the pictured item, click the item on it and let our app connect you directly to Amazon or eBay etc. We will gradually expand the Toy category through affiliation, connecting Toy manufacturers to fans and collectors.